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Test Neos CMS

This site is using the official Neos CMS Introduction Package with some slight changes.
It allows you to test Neos using either an administrative account or an Editor account.
This website is reset every 30 Minutes. This means you're welcome to make any changes you want, they'll be overwritten shortly afterwards :-)

If you want to setup your own Neos site, checkout out the official website

To access the backend, go to

The Administrator account has these credentials:

Username: admin

Password: admin123.

You can create your own Editor account here.

About this site

This site is hosted by Passcreator. Neos CMS and the underlying PHP Framework Flow is the foundation of Passcreator, an online service, to create, manage and distribute digital Wallet passes.
Since we're using Neos and Flow on a daily basis we really love it and want to support it.
That's the whole reason we're hosting this page. We want you to love it as well!

For more information about Passcreator, check out

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